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Content You Create Needs Your Attention

So, you wrote a Comment. And that's your Content. Yes, you commented on someone else's article, video or social media post. But your comment is your own private property. When users comment on a topic, the creator of that post learns new concepts. And these concepts have the power to become a video, an article and even a full-fledged business idea. Thus, the text we type and the photos we capture are important. And even if you do not write a blog, you need to keep a record of your creativity. Why? Because the ideas you record today might help you and others, on some another day. Value of Your UGC or User Generated Content I write blog posts, articles and newsletters. And many creators are active on social media, podcasts and video streaming platforms. So, how much content can you create in one day? Do you see now? After all, everyone has the same time budget for the day. Some creators have daytime jobs. Yet, others might be full-time creative professionals. And it is not just t